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Kasia Kate Jeziorska

I hope to be a web developer

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Life before Red

The shortest bio ever: born in Poland, have lived in Canada for 4 years now.

Academic background: European languages and finance. Working 8 years in a corporate environment.

If not me, who? If not now, when?

Just another normal life. Just another normal thirty something girl.


  • At some point of my life I spoke 4 languages German, Hungarian, Polish and English . Now I wanna speak JavaScript and Wordpress!
  • Mom from a decade. Two boys, both hands full.
  • I talk a lot and write a lot.
    I am running two blogs: one about my family in Canada and the other about learning how to code. Both in Polish language, sorry!
    Last year I talked to more than 100 Polish women living in Metro Vancouver.

Quirky fact

I do not like ice cream. Ask me, why.