Day 06

  • I was attending my first tech conference. Did not get like 90% of that, but who cares. It is not magic and I will crack it some day. Some day!
  • my kids said after the 1 week: “mommy we hate your school” :( It is because I am no longer available for them in the afternoon. Plus the dinner is pretty much sandwiches. Plus house looks like mess. Plus I’ am stressed and not getting enough sleep, so I yell a lot. A lot. No wonder they hate it.
  • I am on the other side enjoying it more and more. The fun part, JS is coming. Problems solving, mniam!
  • I am trying to built this birthday card generator for my son (April 26th) but I do not have enough knowledge yet. The best is yet to come.
  • This week I really need to finish my first client project , yay commercial one. Watching revolutionary sliders during nights, because client wants this slider. Tons of options, not enough time.

And it is raining. Again……

cheers, Kate

Written on April 16, 2018