Day 13

  • Again, it is not working on Windows. Git Bash, shame on you! Luckily, teachers (plus my husband after class) helped and now I am using the Ubuntu terminal. Enormously green and very geeky one!
  • Still mad at myself for not even trying the ITunes app. Need to catch up with so many stuff after 1,5 days without laptop, I did not even start typing. Well…
  • Having my first resume review with RED career coach, Charina. Great insights, really. I would not think, there can be anything new to add when it comes to resume, but I was wrong. I got good advice about creating a master resume just as a blueprint (or JS object ;), and use it for more tailored ones. Also, because we are in NA, what really matters, are achievements. And passion. And reducing FTE (haha, got that one done!)
  • Instanews project under construction: I get rid of html images and got instead a tags with background image properties. Easier to manipulate with a text on it. I like this API stuff more and more…

cheers, Kate

Written on April 25, 2018